About Us

Vision :

To bring in the change (PARIVARTAN) in lives of underprivileged children, women, senior citizens and youth that not only enable them to live a better life for themselves but also motivate them to get engaged in change process.

Mission :

Parivartan Social Foundation is established with an aim to serve humanity by bringing positive changes (PARIVARTAN) in the life of underpriviledged section of the society. We are a group of professionals who came together to work with grass root initiatives that bring smiles and happiness in the lives of such people.


Our way to achieve our vision and mission is simple two fold approach which is Right Education and Right Skills (REARS)


We at PARIVARTAN believe that education is the way to have a better society and lead a better life. Education empowers an individual to take right decision in their life for their uplift as they become aware of what is right for them and what is not. This whole process not only brings in an educated individual but also evolves them as a better citizen.

Hence we believe that to bring the change (PARIVARTAN) in society, Education is the most effective tool which helps to build a strong foundation by freeing themselves from the vicious cycle of ignorance, poverty and disease.

As we understand that if we start things right from the beginning then it gives pleasant results for sure hence Children should be given right education and awareness early in their life. To add to this fact, now a day, kids are even smarter and have the capacity to influence even their parents and grandparents to adopt right awareness. However, at PARIVARTAN, we also believe that Education does not have any age, caste and gender hence it should be equally done for all. In fact, if an educated mother or elder of the house get awareness education, they will definitely assure that their kids and family is educated for their good health care, importance of basic sanitation and amenities of life, good education, value of sports in life, women welfare and skill development. So we should ensure that all section of society should be provided with required education to bring a PARIVARTAN in society.


We at PARIVARTAN believe that there is nothing more important than self-pride that comes from earning your livelihood for you and your family. It is much better than begging it. Apart from this, we all are uniquely gifted by God. We are well crafted for doing a specialized job.

So it is a matter of giving a direction to the people who want to live their life with self-pride. We at PARIVARTAN understand it and aim to enable people to achieve right skills that help them to earn bread and butter for their family. Our team of experience people from different industry work with such a section of society and help them to work towards achieving right skills for them. The right skill development program not only helps them to come to mainstream but also helps to build a more responsible society that contributes to overall growth of the community.